Investment Strategies & Money Management for Real People

We help professionals, retirees, and business owners figure out what to do with their money by:

  • Listening first
  • Planning skillfully
  • Accessing multiple Money Managers
  • Staying on track with quarterly reviews
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Whether your goal is to grow your wealth or plan for retirement, we can help.

And we do so with a specialized approach:
First, we come up with a detailed plan of action and recommend the Money Managers to meet your goals and then...

We proactively manage your account for a simple and transparent fee.

So, you not only get access to our money manager expertise and recommendations; you get a fiduciary - in the real sense of the word - looking after your money.

Not to name drop but... people are talking about WrapManager:


Here's how the process works:

We start by defining your Personalized Investment Plan

Before we do anything, our Certified Financial Planners or wealth managers will take the time to build out a plan that meets your goals. We hope to get a comprehensive view of your situation (assets, liabilities, insurance, other risk factors), your risk tolerance, your goals in life, and come up with a detailed strategy.

We’ll fine tune the plan and the strategy with you

It’s a partnership. You will have input and the time needed to feel confident about your strategy and the choices we are recommending. You’ll get an idea of where you will be in the future and the likelihood of reaching those goals, so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Once your investment plan is set, we’ll stay on top of it

Sometimes, you won’t hear from Financial Advisors unless there’s an issue.  We recommend a discussion, at least quarterly, so we can work with you to make necessary adjustments and make sure that you’re on track to meet your goals.


Build a financial strategy for your life.

For qualified investors (1), it’s free of charge.

Money Managers Directory
Money Manager Picks
top equity money manager picks for 2015