Personalized Investment Plan

Give us 3 weeks and we’ll show you the path to making your investments work towards your goals

Gabriel Burczyk
If you are looking to switch advisors, preparing for retirement, simplifying your money decisions, or planning the next phase in your life, doing a Personalized Investment Plan with WrapManager is a smart and free, first step.

Gabriel Burczyk
CEO, WrapManager 

About Your Personalized Investment Plan

WrapManager | Personalized Investment Plan

Your Personalized Investment Plan is a detailed 30+ page, easy-to-understand document that takes into consideration multiple aspects of your life. Your Plan includes Money Manager recommendations based on your particular situation and investment goals.

In addition, your plan will reveal so much more if you choose to go through our entire process - the choice is yours.

You can discover:

  • Current portfolio allocations
  • Risk profile
  • Projected cash flow and growth needs
  • Recommended portfolio allocations
  • Potential performance under different market scenarios

    And of course...
  • Money Manager recommendations that fit your goals

Here’s what goes into your

Personalized Investment Plan

Making an investment plan is a very personal thing.
To do it right, we need to get to know you a bit more, personally.

First, we need to talk about you... 

We’ll get together on a one-hour call and walk you through all of the information we need to build your Personalized Investment Plan.


Because this will help us make the right recommendations for you. But more so, this data becomes a plan that is a living, breathing document that helps us manage your plan going forward.

We’ll lay out a plan for you...

We’ll use a statistical analysis and run simulations to determine how realistic success is for you, given your current situation and goals.

We’ll walk you through the plan and fine tune it...

We’ll ask you…
How do you feel about it?
Are there any concerns?

We’ll make all the necessary adjustments, and we’ll take the time to review the detailed, revised version of your plan.

The goal is to have a plan that is realistic & that you feel comfortable with.

It's possible your plan will look wonderful...

...or,there might be a gap between your goals and your current situation.

We might be able to help:

Here’s what you will get:

A comprehensive financial plan, plus money manager recommendations, entirely complimentary. You can use your plan to manage your own investments.


If you like what you see and your experience, you can become a client and we become your close partner in managing your investments.

WrapManager is not a brokerage factory.

We care about every single one of our clients.

If we take you on as a client, we will dedicate time and attention to learning your specific investment goals and retirement dreams.

We will proactively manage your portfolio towards achieving your goals. We become your fiduciary, and that’s a good thing for you to have.

If you have at least $500k in investable assets, and are looking for a true fiduciary to stand by your side, we need to talk.

Take the First Step to Build Your Personalized Investment Plan

Completely Free for Qualified Investors - No Obligation

Your information is secure.


No forms to fill
All it takes is a phone call of one hour with one of our wealth managers.

You have no obligation whatsoever
If at the end of the process you decide not to become a client of ours, you can keep your Personalized Investment Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of questions will I be asked to build my Personalized Investment Plan?

During our call we’ll ask you to talk about some of the following:

  • Your overall current personal & family situation
  • Your past investments and successes
  • Your income
  • Your lifestyle goals
  • Your healthcare needs
  • Life insurance
  • Risk tolerance
  • Growth, inflation, tax liabilities
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning


How long does it take to create a Personalized Investment Plan?

Generally, the time needed is only 3 one-hour phone calls:

  1. An information gathering call,
  2. An initial plan review and fine tuning, and
  3. A final plan presentation call.

The process from beginning to end can take as little as one week, depending on your availability.


Why are you called “WrapManager”?

“Wrap” is a technical term in the financial world, but what WrapManager means to you is that you have a financial expert who wraps everything together for you.

We understand you first: your life, your family challenges, what keeps you up at night, and your goals.

Then we help create a plan for you that includes selecting money managers for you, tracking the progress of your investments, and talking to you. Your WrapManager makes life simpler for you.


Is WrapManager a registered investment advisor? What does it mean to me?

A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is a professional advisory firm that offers personalized financial advice to its clients. RIAs typically use institutional custodians, so you’ll know where your money is held.

In working with WrapManager, you will get advice based on what’s best for you and we will do our best to make sure you understand your investments and fees. Being an RIA means we are qualified to give advice on your specific investment needs and we encourage a relationship of ongoing communication and trust.

Can I speak to a few referrals?

Absolutely. Once we have your Personalized Investment Plan set up and you are seriously considering WrapManager, we can put you in contact with a few of our clients that can tell you all about their experience with us.


What financial institution holds my money?

WrapManager does not hold your money. Our clients’ assets are held at either TD Ameritrade Institutional or First Clearing Corp., an affiliate of WellsFargo. Your money will be with one of these custodians who will accept your instructions if you decide to go in a different direction beyond WrapManager.


Why should I trust WrapManager with my investments?

Not everyone puts your best interests first. We do. Remember, we are your fiduciary, someone who knows and cares about your life. And we start by getting to know you first through your investment plan.

As crucial as the investments are, they are simply the fuel to help you get to your destination. And when and if your life situation changes, we work together to adjust your plan to stay on track with your goals.


How do I know that WrapManager is for me?

We believe that your ultimate goal isn’t to be burdened by your investments and investment decisions. What you really want is to get out and enjoy your life, no matter how it changes. If that sounds good to you, then we are a good fit for you.


Why not just do the Personalized Investment Plan and then manage my own investments by myself?

We do it so you don’t have to. Clients value expertise. Even clients that used to do it themselves may have a smaller account on the side. Again, the ultimate goal is to live your life, not to devote your daily life to investment matters.


Will I get Money Manager Recommendations chosen for me?

Yes. Your Personalized Investment Plan will present you the options that make the most sense for your particular investment goals. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of money managers.