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In the meantime, here's some basic information about JPMorgan Asset Management

Company Information:

Name:JPMorgan Asset Management
Address:245 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10167

Company Products:

  • Analyst Large Cap Core
  • Core Bond (Columbus)
  • EAFE Opportunities
  • EAFE Plus Equity
  • EAFE Research Enhanced Index
  • Emerging Markets Debt (NY)
  • Global Emerging Markets - Focused
  • Global Emerging Markets - Core
  • U.S. Fxd Incme - Enhanced Cash (NY)
  • Equity Index (Columbus)
  • U.S. Fxd Incme - Core Invst Gde (NY)
  • Fleming Japanese Equity
  • Global Dynamic/Intrepid
  • Global ADR - MA
  • Global Equity (Fleming)
  • Global Fixed Income
  • Global Opportunities
  • High Yield Bond (Columbus)
  • Intermediate Municipal Bond - MA
  • International ADR - MA
  • Intermediate Govt Bond (Columbus)
  • Intermediate Bond (Columbus)
  • U.S. Fxd Inc - Intermediate Inv (NY)
  • Intrepid America-MA
  • Intrepid Large Cap Core (America)
  • Intrepid Growth-MA
  • Intrepid Large Cap Growth
  • Intrepid Mid Cap-MA
  • Intrepid Midcap
  • Intrepid Multi-Cap Core-MA
  • Intrepid Value-MA
  • Intrepid Value
  • Japan Equity
  • Large Cap 130/30
  • Large Cap Core
  • Large Cap Growth
  • Large Cap Value
  • Large Cap Core Tax Neutral - MA
  • Large Cap Core Tax Aware - MA
  • Large Cap Value Tax Aware - MA
  • Large Cap Value Tax Neutral - MA
  • U.S. Fxd Incme - Liquidity (NY)
  • U.S. Fxd Incme - Long Duration (NY)
  • Mid Cap Growth
  • Mid Cap Value (MF)
  • Mid Cap Value - MA
  • U.S. Mid Cap Value
  • Mortgage-Backd Securities (Columbus)
  • Intrepid Multi-Cap Core
  • Non - US Fixed Income
  • Pacific (Ex-Japan)
  • Quantitative Enhanced Index
  • Quantitative Market Neutral - 4% Vol
  • Research Market Neutral
  • REI 100
  • REI 150
  • REI 150 Value
  • Short Bond (Columbus)
  • U.S. Fxd Incme - Short Duration (NY)
  • Small Cap Growth
  • Small Cap Growth (MF)
  • Strategic Property Fund
  • Special Situation Property Fund
  • U.S. Structured Small Cap Value Eqty
  • U.S. Structured Small Cap Equity
  • U.S. Fxd Incme - Core Plus (NY)
  • U.S. Mortgage-Backed Securities (NY)
  • U.S. Real Estate Securities (REITS)
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