Thomas Graber, Operations and Technology Specialist

Tom came to us from Wells Fargo where he earned awards for his work. He joined our team bringing the high-tech confidence WrapManager values to serve clients with cutting-edge speed and precision. Tom has an extensive knowledge of brokerage operations procedures for new accounts, trading, cashiering, securities transfers, and customer communication.

Tom has 20 years of retail and institutional financial services experience and a resume featuring a who’s who of respected names in finance — AG Edwards, GE Financial, Lehman Brothers, Smith Barney, and Charles Schwab. 

Mr. Graber graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Economics (Business Management).


My favorite time of the day is helping customers and co-workers satisfy their needs. My retirement dream actually includes not retiring; I love working, especially here at WrapManager.

And here’s something my co-workers may not know about me... I can string a tennis racquet.



Some of my favorite fun things are playing tennis, helping others, Yosemite National Park, the Oakland A’s, the Oakland Raiders, the Golden State Warriors, ice cream from Fenton’s Creamery, craft beer, and more tennis. Guilty pleasure: ice cream! It's my all time favorite food.



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