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An Initial Look at Trump’s Tax Reform Framework

Posted by Michael J. O'Connor | CWS®, Vice President Investments
September 28, 2017

A First Look at Trump's Proposed Tax Reform Framework.png

After campaigning hard for the importance of tax reform, President Trump and his advisors released an early stage tax code change framework on Wednesday, September 27. From his podium in Indianapolis, IN, Trump explained that his framework would cut taxes for businesses and individuals and potentially deliver a “middle class miracle.”[1]

As he put it, “…we will cut taxes for the everyday, hardworking Americans…”[2]

While the House and Senate will still have significant work to do to in order to finalize the tax plan and craft new legislation, the initial review of Trump’s framework has some substantial changes to the current tax law, which could represent the largest tax reform change passed in 30 years.[3]

Key highlights of the changes outlined in the Republican framework include:

  • Reducing personal income brackets from seven to three (12%, 25%, and 35%), although congressional committees would have the latitude to create a fourth, higher income tax bracket
  • Doubling the standard deduction for single and married filers ($12,000 and $24,000 respectively)
  • Increasing the child tax credit for all children under the age of 17 to $1,000
  • Creating a new $500 tax credit for dependents, such as the elderly
  • Repealing the alternative minimum tax (AMT)
  • Repealing the estate tax
  • Slashing the corporate tax rate to 20%
  • Changing the pass-through tax rate for businesses to 25%
  • Creating a one-time repatriation tax for all overseas assets from US-owned companies

The full 40-minute video of President Trump’s announcement can be accessed via CNN Politics here and via Fox News here

Business Insider has created a roundup of Wall Street commentary on the tax plan here.


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