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International Money Manager of the Year: Cambiar Investors

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee
September 3, 2014

International Money Manager Cambiar AwardFor 10 years, the publication Investment Advisor has researched and ranked who they consider the best money managers across the country. They seek out money manager strategies that apply sustainable and repeatable investment processes, with a goal to deliver consistent performance through various business and market cycles.1

In 2014, the award for Best International/Global Equity Money Manager of the Year went to Cambiar Investors. We think it is a well-deserved accolade for Cambiar, who also took home this award in 2012.2 The consistency of their investment approach alongside their track record has earned them the highest respects from Investment Advisor, and also helped garner them a spot on WrapManager’s “Top Equity Money Manager Picks for 2014.”

The Cambiar Investment Difference

Since the 1970s, Cambiar has been investing in the international markets, giving them the experience they need to deliver what Investment Advisor deems “consistent and superior returns to its clients.”1

As an investor in Cambiar’s International Equity ADR, you can expect a strategy that:

  • Seeks out companies with low debt levels, strong balance sheets and strong business models that can consistently weather various market cycles;

  • Purchases stocks with a 50% upside target, but also enforces stringent downside rules;

  • Centers on looking worldwide for high-quality companies that offer relative value;1

Cambiar applies those investment principles while also understanding that as the global equity landscape continually changes, its investment team has to be willing to change along with it – adapting the strategy to meet various market conditions. It seems fitting, then, that the word “Cambiar” is Spanish for “change,” something the management team has been willing to do as they search for high-quality companies with strong long-term growth potential.1

How the Cambiar International Equity ADR Strategy Works

Cambiar divides the globe among the members of its team, who are each tasked with finding high-quality companies with strong management teams, competitive advantages, strong balance sheets, and according to portfolio manager and senior investment analyst Jennifer Dunn, “are trading in the lower quartile of their long-term historical range.”1

Picking stocks for the portfolio is a rigorous process, which is perhaps one of the main drivers behind the strategy’s consistency. With a 50% upside target for its holdings, Cambiar holds its analysts to strict standards when it comes to monitoring performance of each position. According to Ms. Dunn, “you only have one chance to bring an underperformer back to portfolio weight,” otherwise the stock is likely to be eliminated from the strategy.

With a well-established and rigorous investment discipline, coupled with the fact that Cambiar is a 100% employee owned firm with almost everyone in the firm as a partner, they have created a model that has done well through various market conditions and has differentiated itself from other international money managers.1

Learn More About Cambiar International and How the Strategy May Work for You

At your request, one of our Wealth Managers can provide you with materials to discover more about the Cambiar International Equity ADR Strategy. Click here to request the information.

Alternatively, you can call us at 1-800-541-7774 to have a conversation about Cambiar and international investing with one our Wealth Managers. If you’d prefer starting the conversation over email, you can also send us a note to Wealth@wrapmanager.com, and we can work to get you the information you need.


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