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Do You Live in One of the Wealthiest Parts of the Country?

Posted by Leslie L. Horgan | Client Service Specialist
June 27, 2018

These are the Wealthiest Cities in AmericaFor nearly 20 years WrapManager has been headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is notoriously (based on hard data) one of the most expensive areas in the world. And while we are a nation-wide investment manager, it comes as little surprise (to us at least) that 21 of the 100 wealthiest cities in the US are in California, with most them in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This fun fact may have some readers now wondering what the 100 wealthiest cities/communities are, and whether you might live in one of them! (It left us quite curious.)

Well, thanks to a Bloomberg analysis of 2016 US Census data, now you can find out.

If you’re reading this and live in Atherton, California, congratulations – you live in the wealthiest city in the country for two years running. In 2016, the average household income in Atherton was $443,403, which placed it more than $50,000 higher than the second-place finisher, Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.

By Bloomberg’s calculations, landing in the top 100 wealthiest communities meant having a household income of at least $200,000.

Thankfully, having a high household income isn’t the only way to plan for a comfortable and successful retirement . In fact, even high-income earners still benefit from a budget and need a personalized investment plan that puts measures in place to help with future financial security.

Some of the best represented areas in the analysis were the tri-state area of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, and there were also 5 or more cities in Texas, Maryland, and Illinois. So, ready to find out if you currently reside in or around one of the top 100 richest places in the country?

Check out the complete Bloomberg survey here: Top 100 Richest Cities in America

For all the retirees and passive investors out there, Bloomberg also conducted the same analysis for income derived from interest, dividends, rent, and royalties, as well as distributions from estates and trusts. In other words, they looked at passive income instead of earned income.

Interestingly – but perhaps not surprisingly – Atherton landed the top spot once again. However, the passive income list did have some differences from the earned income list, in that the list tended to have more destinations that are popular with retirees.

If you’re retired and wondering if your city is on this list, you can have a look here: Top Passive Income Cities in America

Climbing the Income Mountain

For many people who live in the communities listed in these analyses, it took hard work and smart investment decisions to get there, especially for those who are looking to establish long-term, multi-generational wealth.

High income earners face unique hurdles when planning for their retirement, and you must still have a well-designed investment plan to ensure your financial goals are being met.

At WrapManager, regardless of what your household income is, our goal is to help our clients make smart investment decisions that will build long-term wealth. Talk to one of our WealthManagers today (1-800-541-7774) and share your goals and your vision for where you want to go. We’ll work to help you get there.


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