International Equity Money Managers

Fourth Quarter 2017

There are thousands of money manager strategies out there, but not every strategy is right for every investor. But how do you know what strategy is right for you and the way you invest?

Evaluating money manager strategies and finding new investment ideas can be overwhelming. That is why WrapManager’s Investment Policy Committee compiled a list of five global and international money manager strategies to help you easily evaluate different investment strategies.

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This quarter, the WrapManager Investment Policy Committee is discussing five hand-selected strategies that include:

  1. A strategy that is all about identifying international opportunities with best-of-breed companies that have high quality financials.
  2. A relative strength international strategy that is simple in concept and powerful in its application because it’s not constrained by style, investment capitalization or classification.
  3. A strategy that aims to pursue stocks with higher dividend yield than the broad international equity market, invest in companies that are positioned to increase their dividend over time, and offer downside protection by investing in low volatility stocks.
  4. A global tactical strategy that has the flexibility to move in and out of markets, differing from strategies that have you remain invested regardless of market outlook.
  5. A global growth strategy that typically holds 25 to 40 leading growth businesses in 10 or more countries.
Researching Polen Capital's Focus Growth

Cambiar Investors
International Equity ADR

This strategy is follows the belief that stocks incur dislocations where a stock may trade at a discounted valuation relative to its earning power.

Researching Tributary Capital's Small Cap Equity

Dorsey Wright
Systematic RS International

This unconstrained strategy compares the performance of a stock to the performance of the overall universe to identify market leaders.

Researching Chartwell Investment Partner's Mid Cap Value

Federated Investors
International Strategic Value Dividend 

This strategy has the potential for higher payout ratios and dividend yields outside the U.S. with a low volatility portfolio invested across many industries and countries.

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Newfound Research
Risk Managed Global Sectors

This strategy is 100% rule based managed ETF portfolios that look to preserve value while removing cognitive biases for a long-only approach.

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Polen Capital
Global Growth

This strategy typically holds 25 - 40 leading growth businesses in 10 or more countries and applies the same investment philosophy across all of them.

Not all investment strategies are right for all people. Depending on your age, goals, current lifestyle, and risk tolerance, you could want more or less equity exposure. The Money Managers and investment strategies mentioned in this quarterly report have varying management styles and investment criteria.

The WrapManager IPC has put together a quarterly report of money managers that are of interest for the current quarter. For each money manager strategy, there is a brief description of the style of the strategy and investment process. Get your copy by filling out the form below.

The WrapManager IPC performs ongoing due diligence on chosen strategies and updates the Wealth Managers on current money manager recommendations for current and future clients.

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