About Us

We build customized, diversified portfolios of professional money managers and monitor them over time.

Our Specialty: Knowing the money managers that fit your financial goals.

We are wealth management specialists. WrapManager is also an authority on money managers. We conduct due diligence on money managers to identify strategies that become part of our recommended list. We then work very closely with each client to shape a strategic financial plan to help them reach their specific goals.

A few things you need to know about WrapManager:

WrapManager clients include high-net-worth professionals, retirees, executives, and business owners who understand the value of knowing where they are financially, where they want to go, and how to get there. Our clients trust us to manage their wealth.

WrapManager - is a Registered Investment Advisor. As an independent firm, we work with the following trusted financial institutions:

First Clearing, LLC - Clients may choose to hold assets at First Clearing, LLC, an affiliate of Wells Fargo and a member of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and other major exchanges. As one of the nation’s largest brokerage clearing institutions, First Clearing provides services to help facilitate your accounts. First Clearing is also a member of SIPC.

TD Ameritrade Institutional - Clients can also custody their assets at TD Ameritrade Institutional, a leading provider of comprehensive brokerage and custody services to over 4,000 fee-based independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and their clients. Their collaborative approach and innovative technology solutions help RIAs focus on serving their clients better and exceeding their expectations.



Prospera Directors Circle - WrapManager has been awarded the Prospera Directors Circle award eight years in a row (2006-2013).

James Dunks Advocate Award - Gabriel Burczyk - The James Dunks Award is given to the business owner that best exemplifies the values that Prospera Financial holds dear.

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Our Promise

WrapManager promises you a direct, objective and transparent opportunity to work with money managers.

We invite you to take a more comprehensive look at your life and goals, so that your financial plan truly fits you now and into the future.

Why WrapManager

Your WrapManager wealth manager builds your plan on three foundational strengths:

  1. Our knowledge of your unique life situation, specific needs, and goals.
  2. Our experience with clients who are in similar situations to yours.
  3. Our in-depth knowledge of money managers and investment options available.

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