Selling a Business

You’ve paid your dues. After dedicating a large portion of your life to building a business, now the art of selling it is in the details.

Likewise, the art of managing your financial decisions going forward is also in the details. Whether you plan to buy another business or improve your golf game, WrapManager can talk you through it and help suggest other key considerations:

  • How do you invest the proceeds of the sale?
  • Should you rollover your retirement money, and into what?
  • How do you replace your income?
  • How do you diversify a concentrated position in the stock of the acquiring company?
  • What estate planning issues does your new wealth create?

You found the right buyer for your business. Finding the right fit was essential. Well, so is finding the right path to your new goals — immediate and long-term.

Let WrapManager help you understand your choices, leverage the fruits of your labor, and enjoy them, too.

Retirement Plan Strategy

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