Retirement Planning

Retirement means independence, but it’s also a new layer of responsibility: Making the most of your hard-earned dollars and having a comprehensive investment plan.

That’s the essence of retirement lifestyle planning. The quality of that new phase of your life is dependent on the financial decisions you make immediately before and during retirement.

These include:

  • When should you stop working and begin taking Social Security?
  • How do you balance your current monthly income needs with the need to grow your assets to keep pace with inflation?
  • If you get a defined benefit pension, how should you elect to receive the distribution?
  • Are you planning lifestyle changes: downsizing your home or moving?
  • How do you replace your employer’s health insurance plan?
  • How should you plan for the tax consequences of your choices?

WrapManager can provide you a retirement income plan that gives you visibility into meeting your new needs. Remember, we’re here to help you make the financial decisions that will affect your life.

Retirement Plan Strategy

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