Gabe is the founder and CEO of WrapManager, Inc. In 2000, he launched the firm to bring the benefits of investing with money managers to a broader group of investors. This became known as WrapManager.

Gabe began his career in financial services in 1986 and today, is a recognized authority in using managed accounts for individual wealth management. He’s been interviewed on television and in publications, including Forbes, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, New York Times and Money Magazine.


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My favorite part of the day is helping clients, vendors and co-workers find the right solution to remove their road blocks, then implementing the steps to get it done. My retirement dream includes dividing my time between Northern California and Sicily, Italy.

Something my co-workers may not know about me... before getting on a flight I always enjoy buying these four magazines: Scientific American, Wired, National Geographic and Popular Science.



Some of my favorite fun things include coming home to my sons, looking at bugs together, listening to their questions, playing Pictionary and Balderdash, chess puzzles, growing fruits and vegetables (especially heirloom tomatoes). Guilty pleasure: a Twix bar with chocolate milk.



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