Managing Your Investments

How to make the most of working with WrapManager.

Let’s talk whenever life surprises you (at the frequency suited for you).

As our client, we believe in open frequent communication. Why? Because having a wealth management strategy is about the investments, you and what’s going on in your life.

Measuring, managing and adjusting your investments as life changes is absolutely critical which is why it’s crucial that we stay in touch throughout each year. Conversations let us know that you’re as committed to your plan as we are.

FYI: We may call you just to say “Hello” to see how you’re doing.

We’re here to play a fiduciary role in your life — to always do what’s in your best interests. To know what that best interest is, we need to hear from you.

We need to hear about any changes in your life that may impact your financial goals  We make it easy to schedule reviews at your convenience and welcome your calls when matters change in your life.

Your spontaneous calls and questions are more than welcome…

Why? Because investments may have milestones, but life’s turning points are more random.

For instance: your daughter is planning to get married and you need to pay for the wedding reception; or, you want to fund your grandchildren’s education; or, you’re thinking of refining your portfolio.

Whatever the situation, tell us all about it. We’ll help you figure out what to do — or what not to do — with your investments and keep your wealth management strategy on track.

What to expect during your review call…

We’ll review your most recent target results and advise you of recommended changes, based on the advice of the WrapManager Investment Policy Committee (IPC).

The review will provide you three key opportunities that can help you:

  1. Understand and incorporate any changes to your previously stated personal investment objectives,
  2. Reconfirm the strategy currently in place, and/or
  3. Make any needed adjustments to your asset allocation and money managers.

What happens at year end…

Year end reviews are highly encouraged, we may cover one of these planning best practices:

  • Tax Management: We may address your capital gains management needs. Should you take more losses or more gains before the year ends? Please consult with your accountant for all tax-related implications.
  • Required Minimum Distribution: If it’s time to take your retirement distributions, then it’s important to confirm that your minimum distributions have been addressed.
  • Gifting and Charitable Donations: You may wish to gift to the maximum level approved for that year to family members or friends or donate securities or cash to a qualified charitable organization.

In summary, we help you stay on top of your life as it changes...

As your wealth advisor, we strive to get to know you in the beginning. As we grow into being your trusted fiduciary, we continue to work just as hard to stay on top of your life as it changes

One asset-based quarterly fee.

The fee is a percentage of assets placed under management. This includes money manager management fees, transaction costs, and WrapManager advisory services.

Our quarterly fee provides you with ease of administration, convenience, and predictability.  It’s that simple.

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