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Geneva Reviews Fixed Income and Dividend Investing

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee
July 27, 2017


"Dividend‐ growth stocks remain more attractive than most high‐dividend‐yield stocks..."

Investor and consumer confidence remained optimistic in the second quarter as capital markets continued an upward advance and volatility remained dampened. The global economy continued to gain momentum as all the world’s largest economies showed signs of growth while the U.S. consumer remained in good shape. Despite an encouraging backdrop there are some areas that continue to struggle such as traditional retail and energy, which we will continue to monitor as we construct our portfolios.

A vigorous debate over politics, economic policy and the path for sustainable growth continues, which supports a fundamental belief: a differentiated, active investment approach is key to navigating the next decade of capital markets. While the past several years of supportive monetary policy have rewarded a broad spectrum of companies with varying levels of fundamental merits, the future ought to be more discriminating where high quality, fundamentally sound companies outperform weaker companies.

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  • Investor and consumer confidence remained optimistic in the second quarter as capital markets continued an upward advance and volatility remained dampened.
  • Markets continued to reward those companies which dominate their markets, generate high free cash flows, and are led by superior management teams.

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