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New eBook! Finding a Better Financial Advisor

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee
November 6, 2014

Finding-a-Better-Financial-Advisor-Ebook-WrapManagerHow do you know whether your financial advisor has your best interest in mind or is simply doing just enough to fulfill their basic duties?

This is an important question to ask yourself because the security of your future depends on your retirement lifestyle planning, investing, and wealth management strategies. While you take care of the many different aspects of your life, your financial advisor can help look after your future. This is one of the many advantages of hiring a financial advisor.

But not all financial advisors act as fiduciaries, putting your best interest at the forefront of investment decisions. Your retirement plans may not be as safe as you think if you have put your trust in a financial advisor whose motives are unclear or who is incentivized to recommend certain financial products.

Our new eBook, Your Guide to Finding a Better Financial Advisor, can help you understand the very important question above: how do I know whether my financial advisor has my best interest in mind? And how can you find a better financial advisor?

In this eBook, you’ll learn about the following topics:

Signs You Need a New Financial Advisor

In most cases, your financial advisor is not someone you talk with every day. In fact, it’s increasingly common to never see your financial advisor in person. So how do you know if they’re doing a good job? How do you know if your goals are being met? This section will help you to know if you need to find a new financial advisor to help you reach your goals.

What a Financial Advisor Can Do For You

Financial advisors can’t prevent hard economic times, but their skills and knowledge can help to navigate and keep you prepared for whatever comes your way. Your financial advisor can look at your financial picture now and help you plan for the future. When you create an investment plan, your financial advisor should ask several detailed questions about the following topics: cash flow needs, family situation, beneficiaries, estate planning and retirement lifestyle planning.

Using this information, your financial advisor can create your comprehensive investment plan and use it as a guide to navigate your investments through the ever-changing markets.

How to Evaluate a Financial Advisor

Financial advisors aren’t all the same. Some people who call themselves financial advisors are selling particular products. These financial advisors don’t and can’t guarantee that they’re putting your interests first.

This eBook will help you to evaluate new possible financial advisors.

Financial Advisor Review Checklist

Our eBook includes a handy checklist to help you as you look for a financial advisor you can trust and depend upon.

Finding a Financial Advisor for You

Finding an excellent financial advisor doesn’t have to be difficult. To learn more about finding a better financial advisor, download our new Financial Advisor eBook, or contact us at (800) 541-7774 to speak with one of our Wealth Managers.


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