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JP Morgan Considers Inflation's Next Phase

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee
May 18, 2017


Around the globe, a synchronized upturn in nominal growth is underway, including an upturn in inflation. Global monetary policy is responding in kind. The Federal Reserve (Fed) is increasingly confident that inflation will hit its target rate and has begun accelerating its cautious rate-tightening cycle; the pendulum is gradually swinging toward tightening at other developed market (DM) central banks.

The investing community’s perception of inflation risk has swung during the current expansion from fear of an inflationary surge after the Great Recession to fear of global deflation when oil prices collapsed and, since last year, back to a reflation theme, again accompanied by worries that some economies, particularly the U.S., could overshoot their central banks’ targets. By contrast, throughout these periods, inflation itself (at least excluding volatile energy and food prices) has displayed surprising stability.

How far will reflation go in the U.S. and other developed market economies? How can we forecast inflation? 

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In Brief:

  • The global economy is undergoing broadly synchronized reflation. The U.S. economy is currently in the lower or middle portion of the inflationary spectrum, while inflation is running well below central bank targets outside the U.S.
  • How far will reflation go? What does it mean for markets? Our baseline outlook calls for a gradual rise in U.S. inflation in the coming years, influenced by the pull of labor markets and the possibility that a more cloistered U.S. trade policy will push up prices.
  • We view the possibility of extreme inflation or deflation as remote and find little reason to worry that a wage-price dynamic will spiral out of control. We anticipate support for the dollar around current levels and do not expect large distortions from oil prices.
  • For investors, inflation’s recovery implies a supportive environment for risk assets insofar as its initial stages are positive for corporate earnings and creditworthiness. Our outlook also suggests continued upward pressure on the market pricing of inflation.

Review the full commentary from JP Morgan, or read their comprehensive 2Q 2017 Guide to the Markets.

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