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Brookmont Capital Management Named Top Guns Manager by Informa Investment Solutions

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee

March 1, 2018

Brookmont Capital Management has been awarded a Top Guns designation by Informa Investment Solutions’ PSN manager database, North America’s longest-running database of investment managers. The Brookmont Dividend Equity Strategy was ranked as the #1 US Large-Cap Value Manager, #3 US Large-Cap Manager, and #5 US Equity Manager for the 10-year performance of the Dividend Equity Strategy.

Learn more about the announcement, along with the  measurement criteria used to determine the ranking, below or download the complete announcement as a PDF.

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Economic/Market Outlook Brookmont Capital Management, LLC

Brookmont Capital Dividend Equity Strategy Commentary

August 25, 2015
Brookmont Capital's Dividend Equity Strategy provides their Second Quarter report covering perspective on foreign markets, more assumptions on interest rates and how they positioned their portfolio in response.  “The markets struggled to move higher during the second quarter due to a conflux of bad news from foreign markets and earnings disappointments from several domestic companies. The markets took their biggest hit during the month of June as fears about Greece, China’s economy, and second quarter earnings announcements led to widespread sales activity.  The Dividend Equity Strategy was repositioned during the second quarter in anticipation of increasing risk in the equity markets. Valuations were becoming stretched based on expected earnings growth and consensus assumptions that the Federal Reserve will raise short-term interest rates during the second half of the year.  During the second quarter we reduced our position in mid-cap stocks by 50% and now represent only 16% of the portfolio. This is our lowest weighting in small and mid-cap stocks since early 2009. This market sector outperforms during the early stages of an economic recovery and has historically underperformed when interest rates rise and the market cycle has peaked.  [+] Read More

Brookmont - Reducing Exposure to Mid-Cap Stocks

May 20, 2015
Brookmont has made the decision to reduce mid-cap stock exposure for their Dividend Equity Strategy. "Dating back to March 2009, the Brookmont Dividend Equity Strategy has always maintained a 30%- 35% weighting in small and mid-cap stocks. It is an area of the market that includes attractive dividend-paying stocks that are often overlooked by our peers. Knowing that mid-cap stocks often lead a market recovery, we rebalanced the portfolio in February 2009 and were active buyers in mid-cap names such as Packaging Corporation of America, Tupperware, Hubbell, Heinz, and Lubrizol (the latter two stocks were eventually acquired by Warren Buffett). From 2009 through 2013, it was not uncommon for our mid-cap holdings to produce one-year returns as high as 115%. Knowing that these type of gains are not common, we rebalanced the portfolio on several occasions to realize these significant profits. [+] Read More

Investor Tips for Quiet or Volatile Markets - Brookmont Capital

November 11, 2014
Dividend money manager Brookmont Capital’s third quarter commentary provides a few tips that they recommend to their clients during quiet or volatile markets. “The chart of the Dow Jones’ price history clearly indicates periods of volatility and sharp declines. It also shows periods of dramatic upward performance. We have become so focused on short-term performance that we only see a lot of trees and not the forest. If you step back and look at the graph, the forest becomes obvious and the trees fade into the background. We understand investor angst. This is your life savings and your retirement. The following bullet points are what we recommend to our clients when the markets are volatile or quiet. The rules never change.” Download Brookmont's Full Commentary Here Get Free Research Reports on Brookmont Capital Management [+] Read More

Brookmont Capital Management’s Award-Winning Dividend Equity Strategy

January 17, 2014
For investors seeking income-producing alternatives to fixed income/bond investments, many turn to dividend focused strategies. WrapManager evaluates and conducts research on many dividend focused money managers, though one in particular has stood out in recent years: the Brookmont Dividend Equity Strategy. It could be a solution for an investor looking to allocate a portion of their portfolio to a dividend focused strategy. [+] Read More

Dividend Equity Third Quarter Review and Outlook - Brookmont Capital Management

November 9, 2013
Dividend money manager Brookmont Capital offers a review of their dividend strategy and their near, and long-term, outlook for the markets. "In the near term we expect to see money that was previously taken out of the market due to debt ceiling fears redeployed. Aside from high yield and floating rate, bond funds are still experiencing net outflows while mutual funds are adding equity exposure. Combined with extended monthly Government purchases, equities should trend higher. Cyclical names will likely continue their momentum into year end. Consumer Discretionary, the best performing sector YTD, could face increased competition for the top spot going into year-end as consumer confidence has been shaken in light of the shutdown." Download Brookmont Capital's Full Commentary Here Get Free Research Reports on Brookmont Capital Management [+] Read More

Brookmont Capital Named as the Top US Large-Cap Value Manager

September 20, 2013
"Brookmont Capital Management has been recognized by several reporting agencies as the top US Large-Cap Value Manager for its five-year performance through June 30, 2013. [+] Read More