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BlackRock Releases 2Q 2017 Global Investing Outlook

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee

April 20, 2017

Global growth expectations are on the rise, and we see room for more upside surprises...

Reflation is going global. The signs include a rebound in inflation expectations, a bottoming out in core inflation and wages, and a synchronized pick-up in economic activity indicators and corporate earnings estimates.

Read the key points of BlackRock's analysis below. Or, download the complete commentary (PDF).
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Legg Mason: 7 Reasons to Choose Active Management

February 27, 2017
While index investments have their place, it’s important to recognize what actively managed strategies can do for investors — especially in the current environment, where the risks embedded in passive strategies loom large. Market surprises in 2016 underlined the difficulty in predicting what’s coming next. The long run of gains since the financial crisis that buoyed passive strategies may not necessarily be the arc of the future. [+] Read More

Legg Mason 2017 Annual Outlook

January 16, 2017
Things didn’t always go as expected in 2016. The U.S. election, U.K. Brexit vote and the Fed’s U-turn on rates took many investors by surprise. Yet worries about volatility proved unfounded. Some asset classes posted solid gains, defying pessimism and showing that opportunity can arise despite the many real risks. With that in mind, we asked our investment managers to identify what could happen if things go right in 2017... [+] Read More

Federated Investors 2017 Outlook

January 9, 2017
Stephen Auth, CFA and Chief Investment Officer, Equities, shares his expectations for 2017 including: The effect of the Trump administration and Republican Congress Fiscal stimulus vs. structural reform A new phase for the bull market "Climbing the Wall of Hope" through 2018. A selection is provided below, or you can download the complete commentary as a PDF. [+] Read More

BlackRock 2017 Investing Outlook

January 2, 2017
Global growth expectations appear to be picking up after an extended slide... BlackRock expects U.S.-led reflation (rising nominal growth, wages and inflation) to accelerate, and sees fiscal expansion gradually replacing monetary policy as an economic growth and market driver around the world. They discuss these topics, as well as the impact of technological change, the risk of a China credit bubble and the dynamics of investor risk appetite, in their 2017 Investing Outlook. Read the key points of BlackRock's analysis. Or, download the complete commentary (PDF). [+] Read More

JP Morgan Investment Outlook 2017

December 12, 2016
Economic warming and political warnings... Short-term interest rates remain extremely low given the relative health of both the U.S. and global economies. 2017 should be a year of global economic warming but also one of growing risks. However, with cash paying less than nothing in real terms in most of the world, investors should still be overweight long-term assets, with a tilt toward those that should do best in a world with somewhat stronger growth, higher inflation and higher interest rates. [+] Read More