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Tradewinds Global Investors - Risk Managed Investing

Posted by Michael J. O'Connor | CWS®, Vice President Investments

July 19, 2012

Michael Mullane of Tradewinds Global Investors examines how risk and risk managed investing is viewed in today's ever-changing world. "A healthy approach to investing requires a balanced, realistic assessment of risk. Value is rarely found in neat packages free of any uncertainties, but leverage in a single speculative position can quickly backfire, and negative perceptions "everyone" holds may be obscuring great prospects. A sophisticated investor must be willing to look past conventional wisdom, spending time and thought in a multi-dimensional assessment of possible outcomes to synthesize an appropriate level of conviction toward given opportunities. At Tradewinds, we try to evaluate investments from a fresh perspective, going beyond groupthink to appraise truly important driving factors. This thoughtful analysis of value and certainty flows to our choice of investments, our weightings in those investments and our decisions about how to combine investments." Read more about risk managed investing by downloading the full report.
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