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Investor Psychology: Why You May Not Be Your Own Best Financial Planner

Posted by Michael J. O'Connor | CWS®, Vice President Investments

May 24, 2017

Dr. Meir Statman is a professor of finance (with a focus on behavioral finance) at Santa Clara University. You might say he is a foremost expert on how emotions can affect financial decision-making for managers and investors. His most recent book, “Finance for Normal People: How Investors and Markets Behave,” is pretty much a dead giveaway for where his life’s work is focused. 

So, when Dr. Statman pens an article in the Wall St. Journal titled, “How Emotions Get in the Way of Smart Investing,” it is probably worth a close look. Indeed, the relationship between human emotions and investing is a complicated one – and it’s one that many experts would agree is at odds. Few would disagree with this general idea: investors who can remove emotion from the investing equation have a better chance of doing well over time versus those who cannot. As Warren Buffet succinctly puts it, “it’s an easy game if you can control your emotions.” 

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