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Chasing Heat? You May Get Burned.

Posted by Seton McAndrews | CFP®, Vice President Investments

June 7, 2017

The Information Technology sector has been on a roll so far in 2017. The returns for the sector year-to-date are nothing short of eye-opening: as of May 30, Information Technology has returned just over 20%, which puts it fairly far ahead of the next best performer, Consumer Discretionary (+11.52%). By comparison, the broad S&P 500 index is up a much lesser +7.7%, which while strong is still pretty modest compared to technology’s run.1

This strong performance has some investors scrambling to beef-up their investment portfolio’s technology holdings, in an effort to ‘join the party’ so to speak. But investors should take pause before rushing to buy more technology stocks. Doing so would essentially mean “chasing heat,” which is just another version of market timing– a tactic that is not necessarily advisable for the long-term investor.

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