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Introducing the MILES Bond Portfolio

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee

June 5, 2018

Investing on your own in fixed income markets can be extremely challenging. Unlike the stock market where equities trade thousands of times throughout the day on a public exchange, the bond market is notoriously difficult to navigate because trades are not placed on an exchange, they are instead placed over the counter and even the most liquid bonds available may only change hands a few times per day. Even if an investor is able gain a grasp on the fair value of a particular bond, building out a diversified portfolio of bonds is an entirely different challenge given that the minimum investment for one particular bond could be $10,000 (or more). And even if you think you’ve found the perfect bonds for you it can be challenging and time consuming to find sellers willing to sell those bonds to you at your preferred price.

Investing in Fixed Income via Mutual Funds and ETFs

Investing in fixed income through a mutual fund or traditional ETF solves many of these problems. Rather than purchasing an individual bond, a mutual fund or ETF buyer is purchasing a basket of bonds. By making one purchase they gain exposure to hundreds or even thousands of bonds.

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Wrapmanager MILES Bond Portfolio bond investing

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