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Estabrook Anticipates 3.5% Growth in 2011

Posted by Gabriel Burczyk | CEO

January 28, 2011

Estabrook Capital Management anticipates that 2011 will provide attractive returns in U.S. equity markets in the low double digit percentages. This conclusion is remarkably similar to the outlook their firm held one year ago at this time, an outlook that was fulfilled in 2010. However, the combination of positive factors and investment risks appears materially different than the combination present a year ago.

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Estabrook Capital Management Llc

Eagle Asset Management Sees Continued Growth Ahead

January 25, 2011
Eagle Asset Management, a money manager based out of Florida, finds that "corporate America remains flush with cash; the bar for economic ... [+] Read More

Indicators Suggest Moderate Growth - Wells Fargo

January 24, 2011
Wells Fargo notes that "when the economy is in recession, most indicators are weak. When the economy is booming, most indicators are ... [+] Read More

Don’t Fight the Fed in 2011 - Roosevelt Investments

January 24, 2011
Money manager Roosevelt Investments believes the second round of the Fed's quantitative easing program has so far been a success, having ... [+] Read More

Neuberger Berman’s 2011 Capital Markets Outlook - Overweight Equities

January 24, 2011
Money manager Neuberger Berman favors an overweight of equities over bonds, with a balance of dividend-producing and cyclical stocks, as ... [+] Read More

Churchill Management Group’s 2011 Market Outlook

January 21, 2011
Money manager Churchill Management Group believes that there is likely to be at least one more severe Cyclical Bear Market in the future ... [+] Read More

Federated Investors - Don’t Let Scary Headlines Scare You Away From Munis

January 20, 2011
Federated Investors comments on "the somewhat numbing subject of municipal credit quality that has suddenly become a hot topic in cocktail ... [+] Read More

Calamos Investments’ Economic Review and 2011 Outlook

January 20, 2011
Money manager Calamos Investments writes "the level of the S&P 500 Index - or any index, for that matter - is not our principal concern as ... [+] Read More

Wells Fargo Says Debt Ceiling Concerns Likely to Increase

January 18, 2011
Wells Fargo does not expect the U.S. government to default on its debt. The Congress has always raised the debt ceiling when necessary, and ... [+] Read More

Roosevelt Investments - Emerging Markets Bound for Growth

January 11, 2011
Money manager Roosevelt Investment's latest report highlights the emerging market's middle class. The worldwide economic picture may be ... [+] Read More

Janus Discusses Industrials and Why Selectivity is Key

January 11, 2011
Money manager Janus discusses the industrials sector, offering their perspectives on variances in end-market demand, the important role of ... [+] Read More

Wells Fargo’s Alternative Scenarios for 2011

January 10, 2011
In their 2011 Economic and Market Outlook report, money manager Wells Fargo presented what they considered to be the most likely scenario ... [+] Read More

Neuberger Berman’s International and Emerging Markets 2011 Outlook

January 5, 2011
Money manager Neuberger Berman discusses its 2011 outlook for international and emerging markets. They believe that what appears to be a ... [+] Read More

Wells Fargo Examines Diminishing Volatility

January 4, 2011
Chief Macro Strategist at Wells Fargo, Gary Thayer, examines the diminishing market volatility. The good news is stock market volatility ... [+] Read More

BlackRock’s Market and Economic Predictions 2011

January 4, 2011
Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist for money manager BlackRock shares their predictions for 2011. They expect to see continued improvement ... [+] Read More
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