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Wells Fargo - Interest Rates

Posted by WrapManager's Investment Policy Committee

July 1, 2015

Wells Fargo Advisors provides their weekly recap covering topics from Greece to interest rates increases along with scheduled economic releases.

"The market marked time this week. Stocks ebbed and flowed as investors were glued to the Greek soap opera playing out across the pond with Eurozone leaders and the country failing to hash out an accord to avoid a debt default. While action in the U.S. was relatively dull, volatility continued overseas. Despite the uncertainty regarding Greece, Europe rebounded from its recent slide with Euro Stoxx 600 rallying 2.8% heading into Friday’s trading session. In Asia, China’s Shanghai Composite battled mood swings. A round of stimulus in the form of a liquidity injection by the country’s central bank countered valuation concerns and margin selling. After a sharp 7.4% drop Thursday night, the index was down 18.3% from its June 8 record high. However, keep in mind the correction comes after a more than 152% advance (160% with dividends reinvested) over the past year. 

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Wells Fargo

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